We have Wrestling and Martial Arts goods such as Wrestling mask, Figure,DVD,Magazine,Book,T-shirt.etc.We can send to all over the world.

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Usage information (about the functions in the site)

Method of membership registration

Click the button below to proceed to the registration page!



1. Enter your email address.

Enter the same address in the confirmation column and click the send button.

2. To the e-mail address you registered, necessary for member registration

A URL with an authentication code will be sent.
Please connect to the mail URL and proceed to the next registration flow.
 3. Enter the required information.
Required is a required item. Please be sure to input.

Mail delivery If you check "Yes"
Good news on goods will be delivered by e-mail from the witness dictionary!

After inputting, click "Next" button to proceed to the confirmation page.

4. Please check the input content confirmation
Confirm that there is no problem with the contents and click "Register" button

5. Member registration completed
The process of member registration is completed.

Member Login & My Page

1. Enter "Email address" "Password" on the form

If you try to use a function that requires login
Go to the login form.

You can also login from the left side column login form.

1. You can check your favorite items

2. Product request registration is possible.
>> Regarding Product Request Registration

3. You can make settings for one click purchase
>> About one click purchase

4. You can check the purchase history of products

5. It is possible to check / change the member registration information

6. Cancel membership registration

7. Log out

8. Loaded with other useful information!

· List of arrival status of requested items
· Status list of your order status
· Recently checked items list

Add Order Function

1. Additional order

If you already have purchased items and that order has not been shipped yet,
You can purchase the items of purchase included in this order contents in the last time.

When you continue to order items, such as payment and receipt of your package
It is a useful function that can be done at once.
2. "My un-shipped orders" can be confirmed on my page

You can check the current order status on My Page.
"Unordered order" is displayed as a list, and for this purchase information
Additional orders are available.
3. You can confirm "order not yet deposited" on My page

You can check the current order status on My Page.
The period during which the additional order function can be used expires, and the current payment
It is order information that is waiting.

I will enter the procedure of shipment as soon as I confirm payment.






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