We have Wrestling and Martial Arts goods such as Wrestling mask, Figure,DVD,Magazine,Book,T-shirt.etc.We can send to all over the world.

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How to order

Please order from the shopping cart.

Thank you for coming to shop with TOUDOUKAN.
This page mainly explains how to use mail order for international customers.

Our shop, Toudoukan, relauched this website on March 23st, 2013.
The newly introduced useful functions are available so that the international customers are easy to use the website.
Therefore, how to use mail order was changed from that on the previous website.

The major changes are as follows.

・The parts shown on pages, such as the navigation button, are translated into English by clicking the ''English” button shown on the upper part of the pages.
First you click the button, then enjoy shopping on this website. 

・We accept payment by credit card. (Then, you can select either PAYPAL or credit card for payment.)

・Now We accept oversea order over 5000Yen.

TOUDOUKAN(Used Martial arts and Professional wrestling store)
At Toudoukan we buy and sell professional wrestling and martial arts items.
We are the biggest used store for martial arts and professional wrestling in Japan.
Masks,Figures,Books,Magazines,DVD,LP,Posters,T-shirts,over 90,000 items.
Over 300 new items continulously updated on our Homepage daily.
Overseas internet orders are welcome,Please send us an English e-mail wih any inquiries.

The Japanese characters for ''TOU-DOU-KAN'' means ''Fighting Way Hall''.

Q:Please teach your shop name.
A:Our shop name is TOUDOUKAN.
It is a used goods store specializing  in martial arts & professional wrestling.

Q:When did  your shop open?
A:Our shop opened in March 2001.

Q:What time you open?
A:We open from 11am to 9pm.(Japan Time)
Open everyday. 

Q:Where is your shop?
A:It is the immediate neighborhood of Sugamo Station of Tokyo. 
Toudoukan address:
Gerbera Bld. 1F&2F, 2-5-12, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Q:Is there any English speaking staff?
A:We have no native English speaking staff but is you keep your requests in simple English we will do our best to help you out!

Q:Can you send to foreign countries ?
A:Yes, we can.

Q:How much is the minimum order? 
A:We accept orders  from more than 5,000 yen in total goods for overseas order.

Q:Can I use credit card?
A:Yes,we can!

Q:What payments are aaccepted?
A:We accept bank transfers or PAYPAL.

Zip Code : 〒170-0002
Adress :Gerbera Bld. 1F&2F, 2-5-12, Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Tel : 03-5944-5588 (Japanese Telephon Number)
Open : Everyday 11:00-21:00
<Train Access>
Narita Airport
(Narita Express / 53minutes)
JR 「Tokyo Station」
(JR Yamanote-Line / Train color is Green / 19minutes)
JR「Sugamo Station」

































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