We have Wrestling and Martial Arts goods such as Wrestling mask, Figure,DVD,Magazine,Book,T-shirt.etc.We can send to all over the world.

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There is something thatshall be handed down throughout the ages.


Passing down thehistory of pro-wrestling, fighting sports and martial arts to the nextgeneration (leaving traces of fighting) through their goods traded by buyingand selling (recycle)


That is our mission.


As crossroads foractivities of goods preservation, we, Toudoukan staff, will devote ourselves toplaying a greater role for the activities.


Fortunately, Toudoukancan celebrate its twelfth anniversary today.

Our website isrelaunched as follows so as to help our customers seek the fighting world more convenientlyand deeply.


Goods information will be updated on a real-time basis.

Request registration function that notices arrival of therequested goods is available.

The customers point system is introduced.

Credit-card transaction is introduced.

English translated pages are introduced.

Product search function and sorting function are improved.

The order form used for customers who want to sell theirgoods is prepared.

Goods are grouped according to categories such as overseaspro-wrestling, boxing, martial arts, women pro-wrestling, and so on.


Enjoy a variety ofthese new functions introduced to this website.


The goods informationwill be updated when a new arrival is put on sale.

Please make use of thesearch function by entering names of your favorite fighters, associations andterms whatever comes to your mind.

Please check yourfavorite items on this website when you feel up to it.

If you have itemsseeking for a long time, please register appropriate request words all you wanton the request registration function. When one of the items is come in, an e-mailinforming the notice will be sent to you instantaneously.

Goods you are currentlyfascinated with, goods with a fond memory, goods long-forgotten, goods youdidn't know about before. We are so happy if we can offer you an encounter withsuch goods from several tens of thousands of goods that come to Toudoukan ayear.


Also, we recognize thateach and every buying and selling with our customer is an activity to pass thefighting culture down to the next generation

Although someone gothooked on the fighting around that time, after several decades, he or she hasto clear off the goods collected due to various reasons.

If there is someonefeeling so, we are going to take on not only goods but also his or her soultogether.

If you have items youcan sell, even if it is just a few items, please contact us with no hesitation.


In order to lovepro-wrestling, fighting sports and martial arts more deeply, it will be a realpleasure for us to create a path of fighting with you.


Overwhelming number of goods and their quality that keencollectors feel satisfied with

Keeping appropriate selling prices that buyers feelinexpensive

Buying price that sellers feel satisfied with when theysell their treasured goods

an easy-to-use website

combination between the brick-and-mortar shop and thiswebsite

comfortable and high quality customer services


We will take over thesegoals from the previous website and make more effort to achieve these goals.


By trying to improveour services at all times, we hereby pledge to become the best shop in theworld in this field.

We hope we will have agood relationship with you all in the future.




March 23, 2013

Kancho of Toudoukan  Takashi Izumi


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